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Project approved

On 28.3.2013 the Slovak Water Management Company, state enterprise, Košice branch, made the project application version 2.0, registered under number 6394/2014 / ONG, in response to the call for proposals for the project entitled: „Zemplín – the prevention of floods and drought – ZEMPPAS“. The application for the project in question was approved on 08.13.2014.

Tlačová správa z konferencie

Protipovodňové  a vodozádržné opatrenia v rámci projektu ZEMPPAS bezpečným odvádzaním povodňových prietokov zabezpečia predovšetkým ochranu príslušného územia pozdĺž Ondavy, Latorice a Bodrogu, ale najmä ochranu tamojších obyvateľov a ich majetku.

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Project title: „Zemplín – The Prevention of Floods and Drought – ZEMPPAS“


Project number: ACC01003


Title of the program field: Adaptation to change in climate – the prevention of floods and drought


Program number: SK02


Aim / Aims of the project: Developed strategies and measures for the adaptation to a changing climate


Total authorised expenditure for the project:  2 671 194 €


Project grant: 2 270 513 €


Co-sponsor: The European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, the State Budget of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Water Management Company, state enterprise, Košice branch.


Planned date to finish the project: 30.4.2016

Contract: for download in Central register of contracts

Slovenský vodohospodársky podnik š.p.
Ďumbierska 14, 04159 Košice

Kamenná Moľva pumping station

The site for the construction in question is the existing pumping station at Kammená Moľva which was built in the year 1960. This includes the pumping station building, the inflow section and the stilling basin. The pumping station of interest at Kammená Moľva works together with the pumping station at Ladislav. The mutual co-operation of these two pumping stations ensures the pumping out of internal surface water and internal water, from the area lying along the left-side of the river Ondava in times of high rainfall. This is especially true in the spring months, when the water-level doesn’t allow for the gravitational outflow of water from the area in question. The pumping station at Kammená Moľva pumps out internal water from an area of 8,250 ha., gravitating it to channels D and E. 

kamenna molva stanica

Ladislav pumping station

In 1968, the Kammená Moľva pumping station was built and put into operation at a capacity of Q = 10.0 m³.s-1, in order to provide drainage for the whole left-side area of the river Ondava to Trhovište, up to the left-side bank of the Latorický dam. However, the pumping station can only reach this capacity at favourable hydrological conditions. At higher water levels in Latorica, its performance decreases. The drainage impact of the pumping station at Kamenná Moľva is affected negatively by this, but also by its eccentric positioning on the southern edge of the 25km long feather-shaped drainage area. 




cerpacia stanica ladislav svp

Borša, Viničky

The cadastral area of the village Borša and Viničky is located in the south-western part of the district of Trebišov - the area is protected from the waters of the Roňava and Bodrog rivers by dams. Water from the protected area is drained into the Bodrog reservoir by dam outlets, which are equipped with slide-valve gates. Their functionality is linked to the readiness and the specialised manipulation of the human operator. At higher water levels, these must be closed and the water accumulates in the protected area until the time when the level in the reservoir falls below the threshold of the blocking outlets, that is, below the water level in the protected area. In the past, this setup was satisfactory when the presence of high water levels was short-term (a few days). Currently, the time that high water levels remain is increasing. Thus, in terms of urban-area protection, the accumulation of water in a protected area becomes unacceptable. For this reason, the ability to pump out water from the protected area is needed.

stanica borsa


The area of interest in the urban area of the municipality of Sirník, district of Trebišov, is demarcated by the Hraň – Sirník drainage channel, and the woodlands of Szárcsatetó in the north-eastern part of the municipality. The drainage channel of Hraň - Sirník drains surface water from the adjacent region, past the right-side bank Ondava dam. The water flow is controlled by a sluice on the outflow installation. When the rate of flow increases from the Ondava, the floodgate on the drainage canal can close itself and prevent natural drainage of surface water into the reservoir. This results in a torrential outpouring of rainwater and seepage from the right-side bank Ondava dam, which threatens the property and inhabitants of the Sirník municipality.



The sub-project addresses protection of the area against floods, in the municipality of Hraň, on land plot No. 180. The area of interest is flooded in times of high rainfall; therefore it is necessary to secure protection from internal water. The construction of pumping stations and collecting ducts/gutters would prevent flooding and subsequent damage to the property of the municipality and of citizens, since a residential zone of houses, a road, pavement and utility networks are located in the vicinity. The purpose of the pumping station is to ensure protection for the area of interest against floodwaters, that is, land plot No. 180 in the municipality of Hraň. The pumping station is located by the ventilation base of the Trnávka dam. Its function will be to pump out floodwater and flooded land through the dam into the Trnávka river. 

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